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A typical RPI prospect wants to live in or near a small city or by the water (ocean, lake or river) with shopping and medical facilities.They would like to be proximate to travel and live in an amenitized community.

“We’re looking to retire in the next year and want to find the perfect place. We read Ideal Living magazine and decided to come to the Expo—It was great. We’re able to view so many different options and now we need to go visit them. We can’t wait to get started on the next phase of our life.”

Joe & Sue from Northern Virginia.


ideal-LIVING & RPI Media’s strong web presence, publications, and live events have engaged the
resort and retirement market since 1989. ideal-LIVING is the leading information source for consumer
property purchases and retirement home destinations. Its market position can be your competitive

34% of subscribers are among the wealthiest in the US, all are in the top 12% by income and asset base.

A third party organization analyzed a cross section of the ideal-LIVING database revealing:

• 16.27% have wealthiest lifestyle in America earning over $200,000 a year with postgraduate degree.
• 5.14% are the nation’s second-wealthiest lifestyle and are a modern portrait of suburban wealth.
• 12.64% are older, upper-class, college-educated professionals who belong to country clubs & maintain large investment portfolios.

ideal-LIVING Survey Findings…

79% are married, 20% single
49% plan to purchase a new custom home
44% are interested in a condo or townhouse
66% are considering a home, 2,000 – 3,000 sq. ft.
59% have owned their current home for 16 to 20 yrs
31% don’t need to sell a home to purchase
27% have $401K – $800K in home equity
9 out of 10 plan to visit a community where they may buy

They plan to purchase…

5% within 6 months
24% in 6 to 12 months
36% in 1 – 2 years
35% in 2+ years

How young are ideal-LIVING readers?

45 years young: 1%
45-55 years young: 17%
56-65 years young: 55%
>65 years young: 27%

Readers’ Recreational Interests

87% Walking
68% Travel
60% Swimming
58% Beach Going
57% Bicycling
46% History/Culture
43% Waterfront
40% Gardening
32% Golf

Be in a gated community 51%
Have fine dining close by 50%
Host weekly activities/clubs 51%
Be in a small town/city 45%
Be proximate to college/univ 33%