Digital Art Specs for your Community Listing on


A Logo of your community – PNG is ideal.

6-12 Images –  JPEG preferred.
The size we use for our images is a horizontal format of 1600 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. We can resize images for you – please send us larger image so we can downsize it to 1600 x 600.

Video – (*video not required) If you have a video you’d like on your community page, just send us a Vimeo or YouTube link!

Text – Submitted through online Community Builder form.

Community Full Name, Address, Website Address, Community Summary: 100 -250 words (1250 Characters), and amenities for your community.

Contact Name
Email Address (editor approval)
Email Address(es) for lead submission to be sent to
Phone Number
Public Phone Number for leads to call your community

If you’re using a CRM, in most cases we can automatically propagate your leads into the system for you! Ask us for specifications about this and setting this up!

Getaway Discovery Tour Packages – We can add your getaway package as a separate page under Discovery Travel tab on For this we need what is included in the package, the pricing, how long the stay is, and if there are any restrictions. A small sentence or 2 describing the package is also helpful to add to the page.

Contact Will Weinel with any questions or concerns: