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Ideal Living Resort and Retirement Expo

The Ideal-Living Resort & Retirement Expos are the nation’s foremost events for connecting buyers with builders and developers. Whether you’re selling resort, vacation, second home, or a retirement destination, our live events will put you face to face with thousands of affluent baby boomers looking to purchase property. With over 27,000+ moves generated from the Ideal-Living database over the past 18 months, let us help position your development in front of the next wave of buyers. Please contact us at 800-736-0321 or

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A Simple Guide To Lead Nurturing.

Of course you nurture your leads! Or, do you? 
If you ask most communities’ sales and marketing directors, I’m sure they will tell you they nurture their leads. Maybe it’s sending a newsletter, having a call team follow up, or through sales policies that dictate a lead is touched every so often. But, do these activities result in nurtured leads?

Let’s first talk about the general definition of lead nurturing.

Lead Nurturing is the process of tracking leads and developing relationships at every stage in the sales cycle until they are qualified and sales-ready.

Now, let’s break that down just a bit.

Developing relationships — Most large purchases are made with the brands people feel most comfortable with—especially as buyers become more sophisticated and comfortable with the tools readily available to them. Nurturing is about developing those relationships so your buyers feel comfortable not only with the product they are buying, but the brand they are buying.

Qualified and sales-ready — Many sales executives see nurturing as only the qualification part. With thousands of leads, and only a few sales executives, that’s understandable. However, it’s key to nurture leads, both maintaining and improving the relationship to help the buyer develop a sense of the brand, at least until the lead is ready to buy, and ideally, beyond the point of purchase.

But the most important word in this definition is process. Which leads us to…
The Simple Guide to Lead Nurturing
The true goal of lead nurturing is to bring as many possible qualified buyers to the surface at the lowest possible cost of acquisition. The key to achieving this goal is developing a sales process that’s inclusive of lead nurturing.

Create and communicate sales policies. Then, write them down!  Clearly define things like how to distinguish an […]

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Discovery Tours Go Digital!

This Fall we are putting your Discovery Tours tab back on your listing on
As an exhibitor using multiple media platforms, your tour offer will be among the first posted. This means that in addition to clicking through to your site, users may also click on a link that will display your offer. We will send a link to this offer for all exhibitors, to attendees, post expo encouraging them to make a reservation. Prospects will enter the dates when they plan to travel and “submit” this for you to confirm. It will be sent to the same place where your email leads are delivered, as an email. This should be the same offer you use at expos (you will be able to adjust pricing).

Thank you for your business and we look forward to seeing you soon at the expo.

Dave Robertson

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