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Google’$ New Move & How it Affects You…

Google Changes Raise Questions…
Ideal-LIVING Provides Answers

With Google changing free access to SEO Keyword information, it raises questions about how to effectively project and generate organic content development.

Google move$ entirely to secure searches and raises questions about how to get keyword Data.
This change affects Organic SEO searches on Google exclusively. Yahoo, BING and others still do not do this.

Some people think Google is trying to push more companies into buying adwords by withholding information. Others say Google wants to appear as if they are guarding people’s privacy in the wake of the whole NSA spying scandal, but that is only an educated guess based on the timing of when the change happened.

This change makes it harder to determine which search words people are using to get to the site. At ideal-LIVING, we have a workaround that lets us know what pages they first went to, and that will give us an idea of what they were searching on. For example, a page called “ten-top-apps-for-iphones” would indicate they were searching on almost that exact same phrase. The information is out there, it’s just harder to find.

It’s not so simple to generate traffic anymore, because if you don’t know how to look for your results, you are pretty much flying blind.


We already have implemented a plan here at, and are creating a longer, more detailed plan to be implemented through the rest of the year.

This will include a check list for any new content posted so we can be as effective as possible at measuring our results, boosting SEO, and keyword ranking.

Ideal-LIVING provides digital marketing services through its suite of tools designed to reach affluent, mature buyers.

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*Goodbye, Keyword Data: Google Moves Entirely to Secure Search […]

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25,674 Buyers On The Move

Ideal-LIVING recently matched our records against the USPS “National Change of Address” data in order to determine who in our database has moved over the past 18 months.  What we found was staggering.
Almost 26,000 prospects out of ideal-LIVING’s 200,000+ leads database had relocated, and the majority of these buyers were headed to a warmer destination (or at least out-of-state). These numbers clearly show that ideal-LIVING has the ability to locate motivated people who are ready to move, even during the past recession.

The good news… Out of the almost 26,000 that moved approximately 1,000 attended an Ideal-LIVING Expo.

The even better news… You can reach more of these buyers through the ideal-LIVING magazine and Many of our subscribers reside outside of Expo markets or can’t make it to an Expo due to other circumstances.

This large percentage of buyers is exposed to communities and builders online through, as well as through ideal-LIVING Magazine with a subscriber mailing of more than 80,000 quarterly, monthly e-mail updates, and our native media marketing program.

Now is time to position your community in front of the next wave of buyers. Reach ideal-LIVING’s buyers on the move.

Read the Wall Street Journal Article here:

[quote align=”Left” color=”#999999″]
Older Americans on the Move
Interstate Migration Picks Up, but the Not Among the Younger Demographic

Americans are moving again—but it’s middle-age and older people, not 20-somethings, who are increasingly striking out for greener pastures.

More than 7 million Americans moved between states in 2012, the highest number of long-distance moves in four years, according to new data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, its most comprehensive snapshot of U.S. demographic trends. The figure is above a low point of 6.7 million in 2010 but […]

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