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This quarterly print (and digital) publication is aspirational in nature while prompting people to get out today and make that move. We tell the story of how good life can be. In each issue, we include some of the following departments. We feature interesting stories of people who have reinvented themselves in retirement, those that are concentrating on leaving a legacy, and those with unique hobbies or interests. We showcase new home trends with high-end kitchens, baths, and outdoor living. Everyone has at least one interesting story to tell, and we’d love to help you tell it.

Each issue of ideal-LIVING magazine creates opportunities for advertisers and communities. We want to show what life is like in these amazing destinations.

ideal-LIVING emphasizes finding your destination, life, and home.


Trends in Communities and Home Design

Outdoor Living

Best of the Best in Planned Communities

FALL 2021
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of Homes


Find your ideal destination…

Welcome Neighbors—Introducing new communities

Around Town—Community events or special events within the cities and towns

Teed Up—A new golf feature in every issue

International Destinations—Exploring destinations for retiring abroad

On the Move—Interview with a homeowner that has recently purchased and made the move

State of the State—ideal-LIVING explores different states in each issue for cost-of-living, taxes, etc.

Discovery Travel—Six discovery packages are featured with links to ideal-LIVING.COM/venture out

Travel Destinations—Touring top retirement destinations

Find your ideal life…

Community Living—Life stories from three homeowners 

The Good Life—Touring unique haunts to BBQ joints to fabulous restaurants and foods

Finance—Advice for maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle

Chef’s Corner—Share your chef’s story and top recipes

Giving Back—Philanthropic stories, raising money for noble causes

Club Life—A different unique social club will be featured in each issue

Our Favorite Things—Homeowners tell their favorite things about living in a community

Lifelong Learning—From learning a new language to ballroom dancing in retirement

Healthy Living—Staying fit at 50+

Find your ideal home…

Ideal Home—Ask your sales representative how you can have your “ideal home” featured

The Design Center—Community architects, designers, and builders share their secrets

Footprints—Stories of sustainable developments or homes

Tech Talk—Technology that improves the lives of 50+

Innovations—New home gadgets, appliances, and products

In the Garden—Garden clubs share planting ideas for their climate

Home Selling Tips—Helping people sell their homes so they can relocate to a better locale